Online Storage Comparison For Gamers

Gaming has changed quite significantly, since the days when we would play Mario on our black and white gameboys. Today, you can expect awesome graphics, playing on a network with friends and a real feel about pretty much any game you play. This is exactly why cloud services for gamers have made an absolute killing on their sales, because all of these individuals who so love their PS4’s need somewhere to save their game progress. One of the biggest issues for gamers, has always been the high configuration requirements of PC games. The bigger the title, the higher configuration it needs. We all know how frustrating it can be when a game freezes right when you are about to kill an enemy or complete a quest.

photo source: google images

photo source: google images

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming services are also known as “on demand” cloud services and they essentially refer to the games which you don’t need to physically store on your computer, or games console. Like traditional cloud storage services, your game data is saved on an external server and you just connect to it in order to retrieve that game. The primary advantage of using a cloud based service is that you are not required to update the game software each time a new update is available. And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about system requirements for a new game upgrade.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top online storage comparison for gamers.

G Cluster

G-cluster has been a hot competitor of large companies like Microsoft and Sony stiff for several years now. Technically, the company labels itself a cloud game console, but really, there is no physical video game console. All you require is a small device which, when connected to your screen , allows you to play all the major games from large studios. Gcluster is now expanding into the US after having major success in Europe.

photo source: google images

photo source: google images

Playstation Now

Second on our list of top online storage comparison for gamers comes Playstation Now. Through this service, which is Sony’s own gaming platform, you can start gaming on one device and continue gaming on the other one due to the syncing capabilities (the PS4 and PS Vita currently support this capability). This means you will never have to pause or put down your beloved game. Wherever you go, your game comes along (even in the bathtub). PlayStation Now is available if you subscribe and it costs $19.99 for monthly use and $49.99 for three months. The service also gives its customers a 7-day trial period, free of charge.


Last but not least, when it comes to online storage comparison for gamers, StreamMyGame is highly recommended. Users can play high-end games on low-end devices. Which essentially means, it allows to to playWindows based games remotely on other Linux and Windows devices. The special thing about this service is the game record and sharing features it comes with, being one of the few streaming game services that comes with same sharing and recording features found on the Xbox One and PS4. And the best part? this streaming service is absolutely free and you get access to community services like chat and forums so you can chat to other users.

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