MyPCBackUp Review

Cloud storage is no longer something that is only used by business owners. As online safety concerns arise, more and more people are turning to  cloud storage servers with built in encryption, for backing up their sensitive data. There are many ways an individual can benefit from using a provider, such as MyPCBackUp, some of which we will be covering in the following review.

An Overview Of My PC Backup

MyPCBackup is a cost effective cloud backup solution, offering competitive rates,  which is safe to use and virus free. They guarantee almost 100% of accuracy and uptime, with a dedicated team focusing on good customer service. My PC Back UP have earned themselves an excellent reputation, due to their reliability and large file size limit that accompany the various price plans. The platform is owned by Just Develop It! which offers several software and services for computer users.

MyPCBackup Positive points

Not only do they offer a desktop application, but additionally, Full featured mobile apps, which suits those who are often on the move. The upload speed of files is second to none and the software is fully automated and ideal for technology novices.

MyPCBackup Negatives

There have been some complaints that if you have a free account, you are subjected to persistent upgrade notices. Many clients are also not satisfied with having a 1GB  storage limit, unless they opt for one of the paid price plans.


When you create an account and login for the first time, you are not required to enter your credit card details in order to access the service. This is good in my opinion, as that way there will be no issues having to obtain a refund if you are not satisfied. The most basic yearly plans with My Pc Back Up have prices starting at $74.28 for 75GB of storage and the unlimited plan starts at $119.28 per year.

User Interface

The main program window on the MyPCBackUp interface, is straightforward and easy to use, with good sized toolbar buttons across the top of the window, which makes the major functions easily accessible. The drag and drop option, whose purpose was self explanatory was also something I liked.


Backing up your files with My PC Backup is a no brainer. Backups are done on daily or hourly schedules and you can even choose specific dates and times for them to be made. Their system is completely automated, so they are continuously doing online back ups, even in your abscense. All of your files are protected, not just your written documents, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing photos, videos etc. If you opt to use My PC Backup, then you can rest assured that there will be no need to re-install programs in the event your hard drive fails, as this is the exact reason that the team behind My PC Backup created the product.

Restoring Files

Restoring your files from My PC Backup could not be easier, thanks to the user friendly desktop application they provide . My PC Backup has also created a security grid,  that directly communicates with Amazon S3. This means that you can restore your data quickly and easily. We recommend that new users do a test restore after first signing up, as this means you will be better prepared to react efficiently in a crisis situation.

Everyone should practice doing a test restore a couple times. This will give you the ability to be able to react quickly and know what to do in a crisis. You can select a specific file or folder that you want to restore, or you can restore all of your data, according to your preference. Bear in mind however, that whilst MyPCBackup offers a fast upload speed overall, the more files and folders you need to restore, the longer it will take.

Extra Features And Benefits Of MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup offers a variety of beneficial additions to it’s service, such as file sharing options, which make it easy to instantly share photos or a folder of documents with friends or family. File syncing across multiple devices, means that you will always be able to access the latest version of anything you have previously stored in the MyPCBackup cloud. One extra feature that I particularly like on MyPCBackup, is that they offer a “Locate my laptop” service, meaning that if your computer is stolen or lost, you can easily locate it.


Is My PC Backup legit or a scam?

Although there are some bad reviews out there about this product, after doing research and testing the product myself, I can confirm that MyPCBackup is most definately legit. I found it to be safe, with no problems of a virus or malware detected. The brand itself is owned by Just Develop It!  and being such a huge conglomerate who owns My PC Backup, there is not even a small chance they would consider backing a service that didn’t have a strong focus on security.

Is It Easy To Uninstall?

In order to remove the desktop application, or uninstall the product entirely is straightforward and easy, providing you initially installed the software from a trustworthy link.

How To Delete My PC Backup.

If you are trying to remove the software from your computer, but you keep getting a message saying one of the files in still in use, you will find yourself struggling to erase the program. If this happens, then put your computer in safe mode and manually delete the folder and associated files.

Is It Really Free?

Yes. MyPCBackup offers up to 1GB storage limit completely free of charge. As mentioned earlier in this article, you will have to accept the advertisements that come along with that option. If not, they have some affordable plans and prices available.

What Type Of Customer Service Is Offered?

Support can be contacted via email, live chat and a phone number is also provided if you need to speak with someone as a matter of urgency.

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