The Most Secure Cloud Storage For Business Revealed!

Anyone who owns a smart phone, should by now have started using a cloud storage system. Whether it’s the free service provided by apple for iphone users, or dropbox, most of us will at least know what the cloud is. Back in the day, most small businesses would use a free storage server, most commonly, Dropbox or Googledrive. They are efficient and easy to use, but they are also incredibly insecure. Understandibly, if you are sharing sensitive data with other users online for business purposes, you want to be sure that contracts etc do not fall into the wrong hands. So what is the most secure cloud storage service for a business? The generalized answer would be any storage service that offers watertight encryption. But, here is one that especially stands out to us as being the most secure cloud storage provider for both person and professional use.

Tresorit is one of the most secure cloud storage providers available online. They claim to offer “a truly secure cloud storage service” which goes above and beyond the majority of other encrypted cloud servers. They offer 5GB of online storage completely free of charge and once you reach your capacity, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans starting at 7USD per month. Let’s take a look at the security features which enables Tresorit to offer the most secure cloud storage.

Security Features

Aside from client-side encryption and secure data transfer, Tresorit also offers secure data centers that are equipped with physical security measures against intrusion, as well as uninterruptible power and backup systems. Ideal for anyone working in an industry where privacy is their number one concern! Tresorit encrypts your data locally, on the device you are using, to ensure that your files and folders are protected at all times. Unlike other service providers, where you have to drag and drop files into the app or cloud, Tresorit lets you right click on any file and click “tresorit” to instantly safe guard it. Like other reputable providers, such as SpiderOak, Tresorit also has a zero knowledge privacy policy- meaning that no one in the world, aside from you will know your password, unless you give it to them. It is therefore adviseable that you choose a memorable password, as if you forget it, your only option is to lose all of your existing cloud data and create a new account.

Ease Of Use

Aside from being the most secure cloud storage services, Tresorit is also one of the easiest to use. It is especially recommended for the more digitally organized, who don’t want to keep having to remember to place all of the files they want to encrypt in one syncable folder. The actual interface is similar to that of a Social Media platform, which instantly puts users at ease with familiarity. Although the company provide new users with a free tutorial on how to use it, this really isn’t necessary as it couldn’t be easier to use if it tried!

Let’s Talk About Encryption

The excellent and innovative encryption used is the core of what makes Tresorit the most secure cloud storage platform. It uses true end-to-end encryption, which basically means that when a user creates the tresor file, it encrypts and it does not decrypt, until it arrives at its destination- not even in Tresorit’s own cloud! That, and the fact that the destination is actually chosen by the user, is what makes it so unique. The majority of other cloud services out there on the web decrypt at the cloud server and then re-encrypt to transfer the shared document to another user.

A solid ten out of ten, for any individual, or small business owner who wants to protect their sensitive data.

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