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IDrive is one of the fastest online backup providers available on the market today.

I drive

They offer three main price plans for storage, and each of these price plans provide sharing across multiple devices. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that the price plans are extremely cost effective, when you consider what this platform can actually do for you!


With regards to storage, Idrive definitely comes out on top, compared to our other reviews of online backup and cloud storage services. The interface is designed in a way which is user friendly, similar to a contemporary anti virus program. Tabs run along the left column, and a main window lets you interact with your saved backups or schedule new ones. They are also unique in the fact that they offer Facebook backup, so you can backup your photos and videos. It is more suited for personal use, rather than corporate use, although business plans are also included in the options Idrive offers.

Price Plans

Idrive Pricing

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You can get 5GB of really free storage space and no credit card is required initially. The next step up from this is a plan at a cost of 44.62USD per year, which entitles you to 1000GB of storage and 1TB of syncing space. The largest plan is priced at 374.62USD for one year, yielding you a whopping 10000GB storage and 10TB of syncing space.If you forget to cancel your account before the auto-renew occurs, you will be charged for another full year and they will not issue a refund under any circumstances. So if you find that Idrive is not for you, be sure to cancel before your yearly subscription expires, so that you don’t incur another year of charges.. Once you cancel your account, your files and folders will be deleted from the cloud automatically.



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Being a cloud based service, Idrive has access to multiple servers that allow it to be flexible and efficient in handling large amounts of traffic and storage demands. This in turn, makes it reliable for it’s users. After the intial installation of the software,  you are then prompted to choose your own key for encrypting data. Choosing your own security key is a good idea, providing you make it complex enough to reduce the chances of it being hacked. This will also give you a layer of extra security.The Scheduling feature offered, allows you to set times for ongoing backups. Compressed backups allow you to backup data in smaller quantities, putting less strain on your internet connection. IDrive says there is no file size limit for uploads and downloads, aside from the storage space limit. Unlike some other competitors, IDrive won’t send a warning when your connection has been interrupted. However, after a lost connection is reestablished, it resumes its previous upload without having to start from the beginning. If partial transfers have taken place prior to the interruption, the backups resume from that point.

In addition to this, Idrive has a service called “Continuous Data Protection” which essentially allows you to store important files every 10 minutes. It is similar to auto save, but it also performs a backup of your data to the cloud.

IDrive Express

Idrive express

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This nifty service means you can backup your files using a physical drive send to you by IDrive when you open an account. The USB drive stores up to 1TB of data, meaning you don’t have to slow down or jam your Internet connection. If you fill up this entire storage capacity, then you simply send the hardware back to IDrive, so they can load the data onto its servers. Thereafter, you have to solely rely on the traditional online backup and storage service.

Data Restore

The Restore tab is packed full of capabilities. You can search for your files or folders, drag and drop them to the desktop application, or restore them in place in your folder structure using check boxes. Or you can just restore everything in place at once. Additional options on the restore page include deleting files from backup, moving them into the recycle bin (which you can always recover them from), and a share button that launches the Web client.

Mobile Apps

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IDrive has excellent mobile apps for Android, iphone, and Windows Phone. The $4.99 annual price plan gets you unlimited backup just for your mobile device. You can view and share your backed up files, as well as backing up data such as contacts, stored on the phone. There’s even an uploader for photos, and Facebook and Instagram backup.

Extra Benefits

The remote management feature that Idrive offers, allows you to set backup schedules and download files remotely. Another advantage to the service is that Idrive doesn’t delete any data on it’s own accord, aside from whatever you move into the trash folder. This equates to permanent storage, something that is often found to be missing from other online backup providers. The sharing features are plentiful and you can easily share your stored files on social media or via email. The gallery view also allows you to view which photos you want to actually restore to your computer, so you don’t have to trawl through them at a later date.

Customer Service

We have seen some reviews where there have been complaints of the standard of customer service provided, but after testing it ourselves, we found it to be reliable and easily contactable. Support is available 24/7 via email and live chat or the phone number provided (one for the US and one international) can be contacted between the hours of 6am – 6pm PST


IDrive is a good service for individuals who have more than one machine, or mobile device that require online backup. The Idrive service is very speedy, especially when it comes to restoring files. The only notable downside is that you cannot opt for unlimited storage for your account. Due to it’s speed and ease of use, it can be highly recommended to those who want an affordable option, that is reliable.

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