The Best Free Secure Cloud Storage Providers

If you are concerned about your privacy when uploading data to the cloud, yet you are on a budget and can’t afford to pay for a large amount of online storage space, then you want to consider using a free secure cloud storage server.

If you haven’t yet discovered free secure cloud storage, then you will be pleased to hear that the concept is simple to get your head round: Instead of using up your disk space on your computer or smartphone and permanently having to delete apps and photos to be able to save important documents, you simply upload your files to a free secure online storage cloud. Providing you have an internet connection, you are then able to access your saved data online from wherever you are and you can easily share files or folders with whomever you choose, by simply sending them a link.


free secure cloud storage

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If you are looking for a large amount of storage, with above average privacy protocols in place, then MEGA can offer you a whopping 50GB of free secure cloud storage when you sign up for an account. MEGA can’t access any of your data, because it is encrypted on your computer, before it even starts it’s journey to the cloud. Most other providers offering a similar set up, do not allow you to reset your password if you lose it, due to the fact that they can’t actually access it, MEGA however, does.


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Any individual or small business owner can sign up for a free account with BOX and you instantly get access to 10GB of free storage.You get alot of control over the privacy of what you wish to share and with whom and you can even password protect individual files, as well as setting expiration dates for folders. BOX is no doubt one of the best free secure cloud storage platforms for business owners, due to the amount of tools for collaboration and sharing it comes with, however this can also be rather confusing for most individuals, especially newbies, who feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the website, in order just to share a few files or folders. Like most other free secure cloud storage providers, you can also download a desktop app and sync your data between the cloud and your hard drive.


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Equally brilliant for individuals and businesses. You get access to 15GB of data storage completely free and by far one of the best things about the COPY cloud storage platform, is how it splits the data space of shared folders, between the individuals who access them. So, it doesn’t just take up all of your storage space in order for you to share data with 4 other people, it equally distributes it. Can’t get fairer than that! You can manage your files on COPY’s website, as well as through their desktop app, as well as mobile apps for android and IOS. It is an easy to use, speedy cloud storage system, with barely any negative points worth mentioning. Although, it must be noted that their website is not as easy to navigate as the mobile and desktop apps.

As always, before signing up to any provider, it is recommended that you do your research first, to avoid disappointment, to ensure that the cloud storage provider you choose, is suitable for your needs.

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