Free Cloud Storage Comparison: Things To Be Aware Of.

If you are opting for a free cloud storage provider, then you have to accept that you will have to compromise on certain aspects of a service in order to get it for free. Even though some of the best free products give you a load of productivity features and benefits, there are still going to be certain restrictions.

Here is a free cloud storage comparison of the most common things you will have to give up, if you choose not to use a paid service.

Storage Space

In this free cloud storage comparison, we have looked at the top products such as Google Drive and Box and even though Google drive offers a generous amount of storage space for free, some of the other providers who offer meaty paid plans, only offer a meagre 2gb to their free users.

photo source: google images

photo source: google images

File Size

Aside from limitations of how much cloud storage space you receive, some providers also put restrictions on the file size limit of individual files you are allowed to upload to the cloud. This can be doable if you will just be using an online storage service for documents, but not so great if you want to save your lenghty wedding videos somewhere safe.

Less Security Options

Although certain services do have to comply with a particular minimum security standard, some take customer data privacy less seriously than others. For example, from our free cloud storage comparison, we were able to discover that some providers do not allow you to password protect shared files and the encryption is less hefty than that used by a paid service. This could be a potential issue if you know you will be uploading sensitive information to the cloud.

Customer Service

photo source: google images

photo source: google images

Many users, especially business users turn to the cloud so they can save money on having to pay for onsite IT staff. However, customer service is still required to be put in place by the providers and this means that if they offer live chat, or phone support, then the customer service agents are going to need to be paid to attend to complaints and issues. If you choose a free cloud storage service, you might risk getting a poorer grade of attention from the customer service department of the provider you have signed up with.

Fewer Features

Certain storage providers might limit access to extra features and benefits of free users. For example, perhaps you won’t be able to access older versions of files, or have such advanced collaboration features as those of paid users. The other issue is that you might have to tolerate pop up ads more frequently, when using a free service.

photo source: google images

photo source: google images

There Are No Guarantees

Without questions of a doubt, one of the biggest limitations in our free cloud storage comparison, is that if you haven’t actually paid for the product there are more often than not no guarantees to protect your data from loss. Whilst it is certainly true that any cloud storage company lives and dies by its reliability and security, it is still ultimately your choice to decide to keep another copy of any file you upload to the cloud in at least one other place to avoid disappointment in case the worst case scenario occurs.

If you are confident that none of the above mentioned points will be an issue for you, then taking advantage of a free cloud storage provider in order to “test the water” can be a good choice and we recommend checking out free cloud storage comparison 2016 on a search engine, so that you can be sure to read current reviews of the best providers available on the market.

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