The Top 5 Encrypted Cloud Storage Providers

Anything you put on the internet can be accessed by anyone who knows enough about technology to find it.

Whilst you may think that you don’t need to worry about whether or not the online cloud storage you are using takes online data protection seriously- after all you are just a nobody who wants to store photos of your cats and dogs somewhere, when your phone memory is full, you need to consider the possibility that identity thieves don’t just target wealthy businessmen, they could possibly target you, if you don’t use an encrypted cloud storage server. There are a ton of cloud storage sites to choose from online, but here is our pick of the best encrypted cloud storage servers available.


Photo Source: Certainsafe

Photo Source: Certainsafe

This is without a doubt one of the easiest and best encrypted cloud storage servers to sign up to. Priced at just 9USD per month, it’s advanced encryption technology is certified for HIPAA. If you own a small business, or any business which includes storing the personal information of individuals, such as medical data, you could find yourself in serious trouble if someone manages to access your database. One of the main benefits of CertainSafe encrypted cloud storage, is that it scales from individual use, to enterprise use and you can also send secure messages. The only notable downside of this service, is that you cannot share individual files meaning you must share entire folders with other authorized users.


Photo source: SpiderOak logo

Photo source: SpiderOak logo

SpiderOak encrypted cloud storage, takes privacy protection super seriously. Their zero knowledge privacy function, essentially means that the files you upload to the SpiderOak sever, will already be encrypted before they even leave your desktop. However, with all the pros of this encrypted cloud storage, comes a significant con. Your passwords are never stored on the SpiderOak server- which is great, as no hacker could ever change it. But, neither can you! Meaning if you forget your password, there is no way of recovering it.


encrypted cloud storage


Being able to easily and securely backup the data you choose to store on an encrypted cloud storage server is super important these days.  Comodo offers a comprehensive and local back up system, as well as having excellent live support should you have any difficulties. Any security issues are guaranteed to be resolved by their support techies, which adds to peace of mind.




I drive

Once you sign up to Idrive, you can choose between having a private encryption key or the default Idrive managed key. The advantage of having the private key means that only you can access your account, but bear in mind that if you lose it, they can’t help you. Installation is quick and easy and the software is extremely user friendly. There are also powerful apps offered for IOS, windows and android, making file sharing on the move accessible and hassle free.


encrypted cloud storage

Photo source: wuala logo

Like SpiderOak, Wuala encrypts your files before they are uploaded to the cloud. They offer 5GB of storage free of charge and you can upgrade to paid plans if you require a larger storage capacity. They take security one step further, as different segments of files are uploaded to different servers, meaning it is impossible to identify which data belongs to which user. However, be aware that when sharing on the go- if you place files in a public folder, they will not be encrypted.



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