ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive is a great option if you are looking for excellent security for your data. It even includes extra protection during the backup of your files. You can add a folder onto your computer, to automatically back up to the cloud and you can also sync between all your devices.


For newbies to cloud data backup and file sync. ElephantDrive is a good place to start, if you recognize the importance of protecting your uploaded files in the cloud, combined with being able to access them at any time.Your files will always be protected, no matter where you are, or what happens to your devices. If you are lucky enough to own multiple computers. you can seamlessly sync your data across all of your machines, meaning you don’t have to worry about emailing files from one computer, in order to store it on another. The combination of cloud backup and file synchronization that Elephant Drive offers makes is super convenient, as it enables you to control everything by just using one service. This makes the organization of your files much more manageable.

Elephant Drive works well for beginners, but an additional perk of the service, allows pro users to share and collaborate with a larger number of people and it can be used with all major operating systems (Mac OSX, Windows) and natively access your files on an Android device.

Price Plans


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The ElephantDrive Personal price plans start at $9.95 a month for 100 GB of storage.  The 250 GB plan is $19.95 a month, and the 500 GB plan is $39.95 a month.  For users with under 2 GB of data to back up, there’s also a Free plan. We recommend trying the free plan, to familiarize yourself with how the platform works, before deciding whether to commit yourself to it, by upgrading to a paid plan. There are also plans available for unlimited storage, minimizing hassle in the event you forget to upgrade once you run out of space. Business pricing plans are tailormade for you, ElephantDrive allows you to choose how much data storage you want and how many users you need to back up. After you input that information, the website automatically calculates how much it will cost you per month.


Photo source: google images

Photo source: google images

For data storage and backup, ElephantDrive has a broad variety of features, making storage and recovery as simple as possible. The first time you login to your account to use Elephant Drive, you’ll be prompted to download the software and install it on your computer as a desktop application. The software then backs up up your files. You can also manage automatic backups and view reports. ElephantDrive also includes a couple of features that make file sharing simple. If you want to share a file with someone, you simply log in to your account via their website and visit the file explorer. Choose any file then click the share button. This then creates a link that you can send to your friends or publish directly through Twitter or Social Media. You are also given the option to password-protect the files that you share. You are able to pick and choose which files are backed up, and view these from any of your devices.



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Backing up data with ElephantDrive is easy enough so that even people with absolutely no experience using cloud storage providers,  will have zero problems getting their first backup to take place smoothly. After initially installing ElephantDrive, You will have a parent folder on your computer, which is home to your backup folder and the file syncing folder appropriately named “Everywhere”. Each folder is designed to carry out different actions: the backup folder, swiftly uploads your files to the cloud and the syncing folder syncs files across multiple devices. This allows you to select exactly which files you want to sync and which you only want to backup.

Managing your backups

If we are totally honest, Elephant Drive’s user interface is not the best we have seen on the market. It can take some time to familiarize yourself with each of the features and learn how to access them properly. If you want to manage your backup’s schedule you need to spend a bit of time searching for the “Manage Backups” menu, and it is here that you can edit, add or remove backup schedules from ElephantDrive.

Upload Speed

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photo source: google images

ElephantDrive’s speed and performance was satisfactory when we tested it. CPU usage was low, meaning that the backup could run in the background,  allowing us to carry out other tasks without interruption. On average, to upload a 10GB file, it took just over four and a half hours, which is faster than other services we have tested and reviewed.


ElephantDrive can keep track of the different versions of your files, in case you need to retrieve an older version of a document. You can also create a backup of any mapped network drive. Another excellent quality feature they provide, is the ability to throttle the bandwidth so your internet doesn’t slow down significantly during backups. The ElephantDrive Personal Edition saves version history for 30 days. The enterprise (or business) editions allow you to keep unlimited versions of all your files. It also comes with a large and open file backup, with no file size limit.


photo source: wired.co.uk

photo source: wired.co.uk

ElephantDrive certainly doesn’t skimp on safe guarding your data. All data is instantly encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, before it leaves your computer to go to the cloud. For the duration of file transfers, your data is designated an extra layer of security with a 128-bit SSL connection. This is the same type of military encryption that the NSA approves for classified information.

Additionally, the ElephantDrive servers are protected with several security features, that make it virtually impossible for your sensitive data to get lost or hacked. Firstly, the data servers act as servers only – they don’t perform other tasks, or run programs in the background as your computer would. The sole purpose of the ElephantDrive data servers is to perform tasks with regards to storing and retrieving information. On top of this, each connection request to the servers is automatically rejected and only accepted, if the server can authenticate the request.

Here’s the extra factor that gives Elephant Drive bonus points with regards to security. It takes a number of physical security precautions. All of their servers are kept in locked storage containers and guarded by a security guard 24/7. Employees are given limited access to the servers and are given only the essential amount of information necessary to do their job correctly.

One of the things I like most about ElephantDrive, is that you don’t have to have any of your devices physically with you, in order to access your stored files. You can login to the website and download individual files that way.

Customer Service

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The quality of customer service at ElephantDrive meets the industry standard. Or better put, the service is good but not great. You won’t usually have problems getting hold of someone, but we do hear complaints occasionally about there being serious delays when trying to speak to a tech support person via the contact number they provide. Support is offered through a large knowledge base, customer discussion forums, e-mail, live chat and a phone number. The knowledge base can answer most questions without having to talk to someone, so check that out if you think your question is basic. If you can’t find what you need online, the next best bet is to give them a call or use the live chat feature.


This service was not as easy to use as originally expected. To give you an example, you are able to select file types or groups that you want to save automatically to ElephantDrive, however selecting just one file or single folder is slightly more complex. To it’s detriment, Elephant Drive doesn’t take advantage of having a simple drag-and-drop tool in the desktop application user interface. In addition to this, certain things that should be obvious are not. For example, when you select and click on an image file in the website interface, you would expect a larger preview of the image to appear. Instead though, a box comes up that looks extremely similar to the Microsoft Windows “save as” window, which can lead to confusion, especially with newbies. Also, instead of having all the modules in one interface, the service opens up new windows for different tasks – one for the manager, another for backup jobs and still another for the progress report. The ElephantDrive website interface is definitely easier to use. Overall though, it is a good option if you plan on uploading large files and you want to multitask at the same time. It is not as well known as some of the other storage options available, which prevents it’s servers getting overloaded and clogged.

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