Document Sharing Online: How To Collaborate With Google Docs.

Thanks to the rise of free online document storage and sharing, there is no longer a need for co-workers to crowd around just one computer, or to waste time and energy sending files backwards and forwards via email, in order for you all to collaborate on documents. Each person who is given access to the documents, can edit the same copy of the document from their computer on their own, or the whole team can work on it together in real time.

There are plenty of excellent providers out there who enable document sharing online, but here is the best service we recommend for simplicity and ease.

Google Docs

document sharing online

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Google docs is a free online document storage solution that you can access from your web browser, or an application on a mobile device. The documents and files that you create in Google Docs are saved to the main Google Drive linked to your gmail account. In order to use this service properly, you will have to create a google account, if you don’t have one already. The files created in google docs are live online, instead of just being created on your desktop, so therefore, it’s easy to share the file with others.

How To Do It

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In order to create a google docs document, head over to the google drive website and sign in with your gmail address. You then click the “create” button and select the type of document you either want to create as a new one, or an existing one that you want to work on. If you have already started working on something on your computer, then you can simply upload this to the google drive, without having to start over and do it all again.

Step 2

Once you have the document open and it’s ready to go, click the “share” button. If you want to see who has access to it, then just hover your mouse over this same button.

Step 3

Invite others

Once you are ready, enter the email addresses of the individuals who you want to give access to the file with cloud document sharing, so you can collaborate on it. People you add have edit permission automatically, However you can also put restrictions in place, so they cannot edit, but they still are able to view the document and leave comments on it. If you just want a colleague or friend to read over it, then simply select the “Can view” option, which allows them to see it, but not to make any changes.

Document sharing online with google docs is made even easier, by the fact that once you share a file with someone via the drive, they instantly receive an email inviting them to view or edit . If you are absent at the time, they can still go ahead and access the document via the link they receive and their changes will automatically be updated, so that you can view it at a later time or date. If several of you are working on something at the same time, or even at different times, you will see the cursors for multiple text entry. This allows you to see what your colleagues or co workers are typing in the document as they do it, so you don’t have the time consuming task of debating it afterwards and you can use the instant messenger chat feature to talk to your colleagues as they are editing.

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