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Carbonite is the ideal solution for newbies to cloud storage options, who appreciate a step by step guide of what to do. Carbonite is a quick backup solution for your files, it is safe to use, virus free, with an excellent upload speed. Carbonite is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and an added bonus is the excellent price plans available. Whilst it is a legit product and virus free, it can slow down your computer, which isn’t ideal if you are working on the computer all day long.



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Carbonite offers three different pricing plans for individual use. The most basic plan costs $59.99 per year and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Users get unlimited backup for one computer, in addition to a free mobile application and access to customer service. The next step up from the basic plan is the Plus subscription, which has all of the same features as the Basic plan, but for $99.99 per year users can also back up their files from an external hard drive. The highest plan is Prime. Prime users have access to the full spectrum, of Carbonite features for a cost of $149.99 per year. Like the Plus scheme, Prime is only available on Windows. Carbonite allows you 15 days of free trial, which gives you access to 15 days of Basic subscription, although you won’t be able to store music or video files until you subscribe to a paid plan- the advantage of this is that you can cancel anytime.


No Storage Limit On Data

Every Carbonite subscriber can take advantage of unlimited backup space, even using the basic plans. You can also backup most file types, although you’ll need to manually add  individual files that are larger than 4GB. This can cause problems if you are working for a creative business, where you are mainly dealing with large audio and video files.

Automated Backup


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Carbonite is always scanning your computer for new and updated files and backs them up on a continuous basis. This is a good option for anyone who doesn’t have the time to run manual backups each time they save a document. It also avoids you losing everything you are currently working on if your computer crashes.

Syncing And Sharing

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Carbonite users are able to download the free Sync & Share app, which is used to keep files updated across multiple devices; from smartphones to laptops, desktops, and tablets. When you update a document, the app will make sure that the file is synched across all of your devices, meaning you can always have access the most recent version of your work, no matter where you are. When you open the app for the first time, it will load every document that you’ve added or changed within the last 30 days, and you can easily access older files via the search option. You can also share files from the app – by clicking, it will generate a link that can be sent to friends, family, colleagues and clients via Facebook, Twitter or email.


Carbonite uses both local encryption and server encryption to ensure your data is safe, even before it is sent over the Internet. Anyone who owns sensitive data, will find this to be one of the biggest criteria that makes Carbonite legit and it will be noted in any of the genuine reviews you read about the product.


Carbonite is at the slower end of normal, with an average upload speed of 2.1 Mbps although not notably so. Downloads seem to be a little faster than the upload speed, however the overall conclusion is that providing you have a good internet connection, it is speedy enough for everyday use.

Recovering Deleted Files

Given that Carbonite only allows you to recover files that have been deleted from your computer no older than 30 days, it makes it unsuitable as a long term storage solution. Instead of using Carbonite as a storage option to save space on your device, rather see it as an excellent back up solution for your ongoing current work.

Mirror Image Backup

Carbonite’s Mirror Image backup, is unique and a huge bonus to anyone who owns a computer full of data that needs to be backed up. The mirror image backup facility allows you to create a complete replica copy of your computer and save it to an external hard drive. It then sets about copying everything, including your installed software and operating system as well as each folder and files. If your computer crashes unexpectedly, then you can upload the mirror image to your new device and continue exactly where you left off.

Customer Service

Customer service is available from 8.30 am to 9 pm EST, with a phone number and live chat available. There is also a good email-based ticketing system, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, although replies will only be sent within working hours as outlined above. Problems can also be resolved using the knowledge base, which offers video tutorials as well as an extensive user guide for free! The best way to get an answer to your problems, is to speak directly to a technician through the Carbonite contact number.


One of the main factors in deciding which cloud storage provider to use, is the ability to uninstall it from your device should you wish to cancel your plan at any time. Due to the excellent video tutorials provided on their website, you will be able to remove carbonite from your desktop and easily uninstall it. Not knowing how to delete an application can be extremely frustrating, so you can save yourself this hassle with Carbonite.


Overall, Carbonite is a good option for both individuals and small businesses. Aside from the price plans outlined above, they are provide business pricing. It also offers good security, taking the importance of encryption into account. There have been no complaints of virus or malware after we researched several reviews of the product. Both the Carbonite desktop application and free mobile apps are easy and safe to use.

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