The Best Secure Cloud Storage For Newbies

If you are not so technically advanced, then the relatively new concept of online data storage, also known as cloud storage can seem a little overwhelming. There are thousands of providers to choose from, all offering different advantages, which are usually written about in a technical jargon that makes no sense to the less computer savvy amongst us. In this article, we have broken it down for you and reviewed the best secure cloud storage providers for newbies, whose interfaces and applications are straightforward and easy to use, yet still secure. We have selected only a few options, so as not to confuse you with many options. All of the best secure cloud storage we have recommended below, are either free, or inexpensive in price. All three are easy to navigate, with tutorials readily accessible.

Google Drive

If you already have an existing gmail account, then you will have seen the google drive notifications appearing every so often. Google drive is one of the best secure online storage systems for beginners and what makes it even better, is that it is completely free to store 15GB worth of data. Google drive has an easy interface and is perfect for beginners to get started, whether using it from your desktop, or smartphone. Similar to other cloud platforms, it allows real time collaboration on shared documents, making it easy for you to work with others at a distance and remain up to date with any changes made. It is one of the best secure cloud storage solution, due to the security measures it takes in order for you to access your account. Two step verification is required, content is encrypted and Google promises not to pry into your content, unless compelled to do so by a government agency.


With regards to design, KNOWHOW comes up as a winner when it comes to recommending the best secure cloud storage options for beginners.  The user interface is clear, simple and easy to navigate and understand. When you sign up as a new user and install the app, KNOWHOW automatically starts backing up your system. All of the KNOWHOW servers are based in the UK, safe from the prying eyes of the NSA and it uses encryption combined with other layers of security, to keep your sensitive data safe. For all it’s positives, there is one negative worth mentioning, which is that it offers a massive amount of storage and the pricing reflects that. For some of you, it may be too much in terms of investment and storage space.

Amazon Cloud Drive

A big chunk of Amazon’s business comes from cloud storage. The price plans are perfect for anyone who wants to start off with a reliable cloud server, at a low cost. What makes it one of the best secure cloud storage platforms, is that most beginners will start of using the cloud for reserving memory on their devices, by storing their photos online. Whilst the cloud drive is not recommended for advanced users, for newbies it works perfectly well.



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