The Best Free Online Drives

Online drives are essentially storage facilities where you can save memory on your computer’s hard drive by storing your data online. Due to the fact that cloud storage is fast becoming the norm when it comes to data storage, there are tons of providers appearing each day on the market. Each of them looking for a USP to entice customers to sign up for an account with them. If the security and protection of your data is your primary concern, then you might want to opt for a specialized service, which focuses on military grade security, but of course, at a cost. For those wanting to just save memory space on their laptops or mobile devices, then we recommend using one of the following free online drives.

Google Drive

Most people have a gmail account in order to communicate with friends and family, therefore it makes sense that Google took advantage of their already thriving customer database and introduced Google Drive. This top file storage and sychronization facility, was created by Google in order to allow holders of a Google account to be able to easily store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators. They offer a generous amount of free storage space, especially if you use Google’s productivity apps. The service is truly impressive in just how far it goes to help you create and edit files, whether you’re working solo or as part of a team.


free online drives

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Another excellent option for free online storage drives, is of course Google drive’s main competitor, Microsoft OneDrive. In essence, it does the same as Google Drive, just with a different user interface. It has a clear, easy to use user interface, and can fetch any file from a PC. It is the default online storage and syncing service for Windows 10 and Office 365, offers a wealth of powerful features, as well as apps for more platforms than any of its competitors in the online storage drives market. Providing you have created a Microsoft account, or are willing to, then you can get access to Microsoft OneDrive for free. On signing up, you are instantly given 5GB of free storage space, which is less than Google’s whopping 50GB, but still a good choice if you just want a quick and easy online storage solution. OneDrive offers robust syncing across mobile devices and when you store a photo, document, or other item in the created OneDrive folder, it automatically appears in any of your other OneDrive clients on any of your other computers.


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If you want to try out online storage drives, but you prefer to opt for a free service, which still offers excellent security, then you should check out SpiderOak. They offer up to 2GB of free storage space and SpiderOak has earned itself a reputation as a leading secure cloud storage service due to it’s “Zero-Knowledge” promise, which means it encrypts customer data and does not store it in plain text. The specialized features and options for backups and the lack of a restore wizard means that novices may find SpiderOak less user friendly than many of its competitors. SpiderOak is a strong online file sharing, syncing, archiving and backup utility that can offer many useful features to advanced users, not so great for newbies though.


free online drives

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Our final recommendation for trying online drives free, is JustCloud. This 100% automated service, is encrypted secure and also gives you the option to access your files from anywhere. It is simple and easy to use and comes with apps for mobile devices, as well as excellent 24/7 customer service.

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