Best Cloud Document Storage For SMB’s

Cloud storage can significantly improve a small business owners’ ability to quickly access, share, and protect their company’s data, especially when they have a limited capacity, or indeed resources, to manage on-site technology resources. Previously, Small Business owners would look for whichever provider was free in order to influence their decision of signing up, but now almost every provider offers free options. Rather than focusing on saving money, try and think about which provider works best to meet your needs as a company. Here are the best cloud document storage services for small businesses.


OneDrive offers a hearty amount of free storage and excellent integration with Windows operating systems. If you’re using a Windows Phone for example, Onedrive will sync system/device settings and apps as well as files and folders. The good news for creatives is that you can also get OneDrive for Mac, iOS, and even Android. Multiple colleagues can collaborate and edit documents at the same time, in real-time and from any device- whether that be a desktop or mobile device and you can even upload photos and videos from your phone or tablet.

“Fetch” is a particularly good feature,  which allows you to pull documents off of an online PC (however this is Windows only) even if you have not previously uploaded them to OneDrive. With regards to pricing, OneDrive is an excellent option- it offers 15 GB free after sign up; 100 GB for $1.99 a month; 200 GB for $3.99 a month. Ideal for new businesses wanting to minimize investment. Overall, OneDrive is definitely one of the best cloud document storage platforms available today.


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MozyPro specializes in online back up for small business and it can automatically back up your critical files that are stored on desktops, laptops, or servers. The MozyPro software is compatible with both Windows and Mac (including Mac-based servers) Mozy charges a fixed fee according to the amount of storage you actually use, rather than the number of computers you need to protect. It is by far one of the most secure and best cloud storage for documents. It is however, a little more expensive, priced at 40 dollars per month.


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One of the most efficient and best cloud storage for documents, Zoolz uses deduplication techniques to aid its speed and efficiency. It has excellent security and customization features for small businesses. Zoolz takes a unique approach to the security of your data, using a concept called “cold storage”. Plans are structured to make some of your data immediately accessible and some cold. The cold files and folders are safely kept in inactive storage and require three to five hours before you can access them. When you request access to files in cold storage, Zoolz retrieves them for you and sends you an email when they are ready to use. Zoolz has several plans available, depending on the size of your organization and you can also opt for unlimited plans. Backups are one of the strong points making zoolz one of the best cloud document storage options for small businesses. You can choose when the automatic backups take place and even choose the amount of bandwidth you are willing to dedicate to backups.

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