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The Backup of your data, is an essential part of thriving in the online world of today. In this review, I’ll be giving you a detailed description of Backblaze – one of the best cloud storage options, for those focusing on being able to quickly and easily backup their files and folders.


Backblaze hails itself as the online world’s easiest to use  and cost effective backup solution. Whilst the user interface is easily navigated, making it perfect for newbies, it’s lack of advanced features makes it a bit of a disappointment for the more experienced users. Backup is done completely hassle free, and Backblaze even chooses which data needs to be backed up, meaning you can completely forget about concerning yourself with remembering to do this manually.

A note on the complaints of lack of features

Part of the reason I like Backblaze so much, is because it doesn’t confuse users with bells and whistles. It focuses on doing one thing, which is the reliable backup of every single file you have saved on your computer.


Backblaze costs substantially less than other cloud service providers and once you sign up, you are entitled to 15 days completely free. After that, standard pricing plans cost just 59 USD per year, which entitles you to unlimited storage. It works well with linux, IOS and Windows, so that makes it pretty versatile. One downside, is that if you plan to use the product for security and encryption on more than one device, you will have to purchase additional plans, one per device. Backblaze is totally legit, in that you can cancel your plan at any time as well as the ability to uninstall the desktop application quickly and easily.

Getting Started

When you open an account with  Backblaze for the first time, it’s easy—perhaps too easy. You only require an email address and password to sign up and there is no need for an email confirmation. Backblaze then generates a custom installer which is already linked to your account, so the bad news is, if you forget that password, you won’t get access to your account, and there is no way of recovering it. Once the Backblaze desktop application is installed,  it scans your entire hard drive for documents and media files, and starts backing them up immediately—without your say-so. So you don’t have the option to pick and choose which folder or files it backs up. The backup is painless, but can also be quite lengthy, so a good idea is just to keep it running in the background and forget about it.

The one huge advantage of letting Backblaze do it’s automated thing, by backing up your data, continuously as it spots the changes made, is that you don’t have to worry about what could happen in the time between scheduled backups. For example, if your computer crashes at 3pm and your next backup isn’t scheduled until 4pm, then you can rest assured that your data will be stored safely on the cloud.


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Backblaze is crystal clear on it’s security protocols. The Security options in the settings, clearly inform you that your files are encrypted before they are transferred and they remain encrypted when they arrive to the Backblaze servers. You can manage your own encryption keys, to prevent anyone, including the Backblaze staff accessing your data. Whilst this gives you more control of your uploaded data, you are not able to recover any of it, in the event you forget your password. Backblaze uses SSL and AES encryption, as well as an additional security layer of local encryption to guarantee you maximum security.



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With regards to upload speed of data of any file size limit, Backblaze is up there with the best. When it comes to backup speed however, it is difficult to accurately test due to the face that Backblaze backs up everything on your computer, rather than what you select. I can say though, that Backblaze is out performed by Crashplan and SOS Online backup when we measured the upload speed of 100MB backup of data.

Restoring Data


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If you are in a situation where you do need to restore your data, Backblaze gives you a variety of options. You can log in to the website and download a zip file of your backups. This is great if you only need to recover a few files, but for complete drives this isn’t a very practical option.

The good news is however, this is where Backblaze restore drives come in. If you only need 128 GB of data or less, you can pay them 99USD to physcially send you a USB flash drive including your data. For a larger file size limit, you have the option to pay them 189USD for a USB hard drive, which are yours to keep and you can do whatever you like with them.

The only major downside I have discovered, is that Backblaze only keeps old versions of files for 30 days, as oppose to other providers, which keep them for longer.

Customer Service

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In all of my reviews, I emphasize the importance of choosing a provider which offers good customer service. This includes them having a phone number where they can easily be contacted to help you with any problems, or complaints you might have. Backblaze offer efficient customer service, 24/7 which is further testimony to it being a legit, safe product to install.


I have never had any complaints about Backblaze giving any machine a virus and it offers good security overall.

How To Delete Backblaze

In order to remove the Backblaze desktop application from your computer, you literally just go into your control panel and select the “remove programs” option and click uninstall. In true nature to the whole product being easy to use, the same goes for uninstalling it.


The fact that Backblaze doesn’t have a file size limit and it is simple and straightforward, makes it one of the best products available. It is better suited to those who are only interested in backing up their data, rather than the ability to share a folder or files. The prices are extremely reasonable and you always have the option of doing a free trial, before you commit to anything.

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