The Advantages Of Online Storage

The advantages of online storage are plentiful, the main one being that if you have large amounts of data that you need to organize and keep in one place, without using up all of the hard drive memory on your computer or mobile device, online storage is definitely your best option. Like everything, there are some disadvantages of online storage, such as security concerns for example, but providing you choose a reputable, top provider, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

The Top 5 Advantages Of Online Storage

Disaster Recovery

advantages of online storage

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Imagine you have spent a whole week working on a paper, or creating an important presentation, which is sure to get you the promotion you have been working towards for what seems like an eternity. Then, your computer suddenly crashes and dies. There is usually no means of recovering the lost data and certainly not without paying a computer technician to work on it, in an attempt to get your lost files back. This is one of the main advantages of online storage, the fact that you can back up  all of your data, or just the files and folders that you choose, securely store them in the cloud, until you wish to restore them at a later date. It is highly recommended that businesses have an emergency backup plan ready in the case of an emergency. Cloud storage can be used as a back‐up plan by businesses of any size, small or large, by providing a second copy of important files. These files are stored at a remote location and can be accessed anywhere through an internet connection.

Cost Efficient

advantages of online storage


The days of having to pay either an external IT consultant, or employ an on site IT team are dead and buried. By storing your company’s data in the cloud, on a remote server, you can cut your annual operating costs by using cloud storage; cloud storage costs around3 cents per gigabyte to store data internally. Users can see additional cost savings because it does not require internal power to store information remotely. Even if you choose one of the providers with a more expensive price plan, be it for individual or business use, it will still work out at a fraction of what it would cost you to outsource your storage to a consultant or IT firm.


Almost all of the cloud storage services both free and paid, that we recommend at mixturecloud, are easy to use. The majority of them use a drag and drop function, to a desktop application that you install after you sign up to a service and then they perform automatic backups of whatever data you choose to store in that folder. Some of the better services that we recommend even automatically sync your files across all of the devices that you have registered.


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Storing confidential or sensitive information in the cloud is often more secure than storing it locally, especially for businesses dealing with customer information. With online storage services, data is encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, ensuring no unauthorized users can access the files. Some service providers operate using a “zero knowledge” policy, meaning that not even they can see your data and setting your own private encryption key, gives you complete control.


advantages of online storage

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Now that we are all fortunate enough to have smart phones and tablets, there is no longer a need to have a desk or office to work from. The advantage of cloud storage services, is that you can access data on the move. Providing you are connected to the internet, you can do this either via an app that should have been provided to you when signing up for an account, or from the web client offered by your service provider.

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